Types of Production

There are many production techniques to choose from when you are ordering in bulk from the Spotted Dog Company. We supply a curated collection of high-quality drinkware to choose from, each with their own limited production techniques. To check what techniques are available with your drinkware of choice, click the drop own menu next to the item. Prices and discounts between production techniques may vary. 

If you require additional Graphic Design work or need your artwork edited please contact us through email. An additional fee may be applied to your order. 

Please submit images cropped to the desired size. Submit your files in JPG, PNG, or PDF format.

Etching: Colorless (engraving)

Etching is a technique that involves high-powered lasers delicately engraving into the drinkware. Perfect for elegant occasions, etching replicates a frosted look onto the glass by cutting away the relief. Learn more about what kind of images to submit. 

Only submit simple black and white images. Complex or colored images will be rejected upon review. 

Digital Print: Unlimited Colors

Digital Printing uses advanced lasers that are able to replicate high-quality photos and colors in amazing detail. Digital Printing is great for recreating detailed images and unique colors. 

Sublimation : Unlimited Colors

  Replicate complex photos and logos onto drinkware with ease. The image is first printed onto transfer paper, then extreme heat is used to transfer the image onto the drinkware. Only certain containers are sublimation friendly, so be sure to check the dropdown next to the product image. 

Only available on limited containers.



Coming Soon

Screen Print : Single Color

 Screen Printing is a classic, reliable printing format, great for 1 color.  A stencil is attached to a mesh screen, and ink is transferred through to create a crisp print. Perfect for simple designs and strong colors, this technique is a favorite of many.