Etching Instructions

Are you confused on what sort of files you can submit for etching? Take a look at our guide, along with these helpful photos. Remember, etching files will look very different than Digital Printing files, so if you are loosing too much detail, try investigating another one of our types of production

Etching Etching is a technique that involves high-powered lasers delicately engraving into the drinkware. Perfect for elegant occasions, etching replicates a frosted look onto the glass by cutting away the relief.

Because etching is manufactured with lasers it's important that the lines of artwork are not too close together, as this can impact the stability of the glass; we will reject any photos that are too detailed. To work with our talented team of graphic designers, contact us at

Please submit image cropped to the desired size, or crop the image uploader with the (+) and (-) buttons. Submit your files in JPG, PNG, or PDF format.