5L Craft Tower Premium

The Spotted Dog Craft Tower is the perfect beer dispensing system for your bar or home! The Craft Tower serves as a table-top beer dispenser at breweries, bars, or at a house party or event. Your typical plastic beer towers are unattractive, unpressurized, and uninsulated. The home user will find that the Craft Tower allows them to have a local/seasonal beer they love at home without the hassle of purchasing an entire keg or hunting down rarely-bottled brews while bars will benefit from upgrading to a more durable and modern beer tower. The easy-to-use system comes with a chrome-plated brass faucet for the perfect draft beer experience. The mini regulator can accept both 3/8" THREADED or 5/8" THREADED disposable CO2 cartridges. Includes: 5-Liter stainless-steel mini-keg with air-tight cap, 0-25 adjustable psi regulator, and a stainless steel dispenser that features a bar style faucet. 

  • UPGRADE FROM CHEAP, PLASTIC BEER TUBES: a stainless-steel, pressurized beer tower will modernize the table-draft experience at your bar or tap room. Beer stays cold and carbonated!
  • IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS AT HOUSE PARTIES: Treat the crew to draft beer without the expense and hassle of a keg. Fill it at a brewery or with your homebrew and enjoy 10 pints of perfectly carbonated beer.
  • GREAT FOR HOMEBREWERS TOO. Rack your homebrew directly into the craft tower, carbonate, chill and serve. Use the closed cap for natural carbonation or force carbonate with the included 0-25psi regulator.
  • Assembled product dimensions: 17" tall, 7" diameter. Includes neoprene mini keg sleeve for insulation and protection

Purchasing for your brewery or bar? We can laser etch your logo!