Personalized Standard Craft Tower (64oz)

  • The Spotted Dog Personal Craft Tower is the perfect at-home miniature beer dispensing system! Craft beer people will feel endless satisfaction from being able to continually enjoy local, seasonal brews from their very own home without the expenses of purchasing a kegerator and an entire keg of beer. Your typical plastic beer towers are unattractive, unpressurized, and uninsulated. The easy-to-use system comes with two feet of tubing connecting the mini-keg to the faucet. The heavy-duty regulator can accept both 3/8" THREADED or 5/8" THREADED disposable CO2 cartridges. Includes: 64oz stainless-steel mini-keg with air-tight cap, 0-25 adjustable psi regulator, black dispense cap with vinyl dip tube, and a plastic picnic faucet. 

    • UPGRADE your traditional growler to a sleek 64oz mini-keg plus dispenser!
    • Enjoy fresh draft beer at home! Our dispensing system keeps beer carbonated and dispenses perfectly-foamy brews.
    • PERFECT GIFT for any craft beer lover or homebrewer.
    • Need more than 64 ounces of beer? Check out our 5L Craft Tower