Growler Dispenser 1.0

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  • BETTER BEER. Maintaining CO2 pressure is vital to keeping your craft beer tasting great.
  • LOOK LIKE A CRAFT BEER PRO when you show up at your next party with this dispense kit and a couple growlers of your favorite local craft beer.
  • COMPATIBLE with all standard 38mm threaded growlers. Get yours HERE, or message us for a set of custom growlers!
  • Requires  3/8" THREADED CO2 cartridges. Sold separately. 
  • INCLUDES the dispense assembly and regulator only.

Craft beer lovers: Do you like getting growlers but hate your beer going flat? Having a pressurized container means the difference between flat, stale beer and fresh-from-the-draft pours. This Craft Beer Dispenser is made for a standard growler that you would pick up at any brewery, so it will be a well-utilized tool! With this Craft Beer Dispenser by Spotted Dog Company, you can enjoy the ease of dispensing growlers straight from your refrigerator or cooler, too. You will find that it is like having a small draft beer system that you can take on the go, so throw it in the cooler for a day on the boat or pack it up for a dinner party. Having great beer is as easy as replacing the cap! Simply replace the cap on the growler with the dispensing cap, screw on the mini-regulator, and insert a threaded CO2 cartridge. Homebrewers and beer people alike will never see a growler the same again!

WARNING!! While dispensing pressures below 10 psi are safe to use with glass growlers, we do not recommend using pressures above 10 psi with any glass container.